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Indian Bedroom 2

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Indian Bedroom 2 is a river-view Rajasthani-style luxury bedroom. It has a unique design with an attached bathroom.

It's a home away from home in the lap of nature. Experience the calmness of life with the steady flow of the river and forget the worries of life. Stay in our luxurious Indian-style bedroom, and feel the beauty of life with the beauty of the creation of God. The bedroom is designed in a way that perfectly blends into its surroundings. Beauty with simplicity that's the Indian way.

ndian Bedroom 2 (.DUF)


IB2 Fullset:

Contains 09 Cameras

Contains the Following Props

IB2 ceiling

IB2 door

IB2 door2

IB2 floor

IB2 molding

IB2 railing

IB2 wall

IB2 window

IB2 arts

IB2 basin

IB2 bed

IB2 bedpost

IB2 box

IB2 curtain

IB2 fan

IB2 glass

IB2 lamps

IB2 magazine

IB2 mattress

IB2 mobile

IB2 rack

IB2 rack lamp

IB2 socket

IB2 shower

IB2 table

IB2 toilet

IB2 toilet paper

IB2 tv

IB2 wall lamp

Render settings:


Textures Include:

101 Texture, Base Color, Gloss, HDRI, Normal, Roughness, and Specular Maps (339 x 149 to 4235 x 4235)

Optimized for Iray

You will get a ZIP (126MB) file