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Indian Bedroom

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Take a glance at this sensible, stylish, and relaxing Indian styled bedroom.

The Indian Bedroom has a distinct stylistic organization between the white walls, bed linen, and flooring, and all colors move within the painting on the wall.

Get the Indian Bedroom for your simple and stylish indoor bedroom!

Note: Product optimized for Iray.

Indian Bedroom (.DUF)

Indian Bedroom Full Preload Set:

IB Render

IB Archi

IB Cameras

IB Indianbedroom

IB Lights

IB Props



IB Bed01

IB Bind

IB Celing Light

IB Dari

IB Door

IB Door2

IB Doublesocket

IB Floor Lamp

IB Indoor Plant

IB Kettle

IB Ligh Switch

IB Magzeen

IB Mug

IB Pot3

IB Pot4

IB Potr

IB Rocking Chair

IB Room

IB Slab

IB Soundbox

IB Study Chair

IB Table


IB Vent

IB Walllight

IB Wallpainting

IB Window

IB Wood Frame TV

IB Wood Frame

Textures Include:

44 Texture Maps (189 x 267 to 2500 x 3504)

Optimized for Daz Studio Iray


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You will get a ZIP (211MB) file